Beyonce is so amazing I could die

So the Super Bowl was happening this weekend. You cannot have missed it if you are American, but even if you are not, it is pretty hard to not hear anything about the Super Bowl. If you are not from the USA, you will probably have heard about the amazing trailers that were released or the famous half time show that is usually more talked about than the actual sporting event.

Anyways, I want to talk about Beyonce. I have always had a lot of respect for her, as she fought herself as a very young girl to the stage and she has been taking it amazingly ever since. I was not too much of a fan of Destiny’s Child, because even though I love RnB, I was not really feeling the sound and the pop-ness of it. However, since Queen B has become a solo artist, I have been following her. Especially the last few albums were amazing, and that makes me very happy.

The reason why I want to write this blog about this amazing artist, is that she is pretty much perfect. It is no coincidence she makes songs that are called flawless, where she says that she woke up like ‘this’ (and believe me, ‘this’ is definitely not what I look like in the morning or whenever to be fair). Beyonce is so much more than looks though. She is a multi-millionaire or probably even billionaire that still works hard. Even though she can just relax and spend time with her awesome husband and super adorable kid(s?) for another five lifetimes with the amount of money she has, she does not choose this life. She chooses a life that is crazy busy and that takes a lot from her both on the privacy side as the energy side.

Beyonce is a perfectionist which is so obvious in everything she does. She has surrounded herself with the most amazing costume designers, multimedia guys and of course dancers, who make her performances look even more awesome than you can imagine. I truly do believe she figures out a lot of these things, I feel like it is Beyonce’s vision I am looking at when checking out any of her MTV Awards performances or for example that stunning performance at the Super Bowl last year.

Some of her performances, like that Super Bowl one last year, are so impressive that even though there is nothing emotional about it, it brings tears to my eyes. Is this some old feminist being so intensely happy about a woman being super confident and empowering other women? Absolutely. As a white girl I cannot really know about any struggles she has had or issues she has had to deal with as an afro-American woman growing up in the States, but it seems she has great, great influence on young afro-American women which is amazing. She shows that hard work can pay off.

And now that I have dropped the F-bomb anyway, I feel it is a bad thing some feminists criticise Beyonce for being a feminist even though she is married/dresses up sexy, et cetera. I think what she is doing is amazing, it has a lot of impact on the world and I am simply addicted to that feeling of power she is spreading around. She always nails every performance, which is why I am a bit fed up with the media being all over her ‘almost falling down’. She probably almost puked on stage once as well, but no one would ever know nor should they care, right?

Oh and her songs, her songs are so amazing. Even songs I dislike at first, become my favorite for a while once. For example in my hip hop class on Thursdays, we are learning this choreo to a song by Beyonce called Standing on the Sun (the remix version), which I absolutely love right now. I love the build up in the song, I love how she puts emotion in her voice so that you know that what she is singing is so true. Especially her surprise album Beyonce is an exquisite one.

Plus, ever since I am taking hip hop classes again, I notice how hard it is to learn all these choreo’s. It takes our group about 1 hour to learn 15-20 seconds of music. Can you imagine learning 15 minutes of music, while having to sing, having to look good and having to do it SUPER synchronized? There must be so much pressure on Bey’s shoulders, but yet she is standing on that stage while 100 million people are watching, as if she is just standing in her dressing room in front of a mirror. Alone. Like me. 😉 I look up to this lady so much, I cannot believe what awesomeness she has achieved and how she keeps on amazing and entertaining the world without going too far (sticking out tongues, using drugs, whatever).

Beyonce is doing great work, and I am very excited that she is going to perform in Amsterdam this July. Yay! The only challenge for me is to get a ticket for it, cause as I said earlier, I am not the only person that is in awe when thinking about Sasha Fierce… But let’s hope for the best when those ticks go on sale, or to speak with the words of one of the most amazing women alive: “Tickets are not given to you, you have to take them!” 😉

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