Grandma rocks!

So as I mentioned before it is currently a good time for moviebuffs because of the Academy Award season, I am watching a lot of possible noms. I have written about Carol before, this time I’d like to speak about another movie that touches upon a lot of feminist subjects : Grandma.

Grandma tells the story of a young girl that visits her grandmother one day, just to tell her a little problem she is having. Okay, it is a major problem: she is pregnant and the daddy does not want to have it. As she is also not jumping for joy, she decides to get an abortion. Sadly, she does not have the money to pay for it and she hopes her granny can help as her mom will kill her if she will know about this.

Unfortunately grandma is not really in a good mood, as she and her girlfriend just broke up and she has not any money to help her grandchild out. That is why the ladies embark on a journey to get that money and have the abortion done. Obviously this movie touches upon a lot of subjects that are still very taboo in a lot of countries. As I am from The Netherlands to me it all sounds pretty darn normal, but I can imagine it must be a very daring film to make for director Paul Weitz (About A Boy). Well done, man!

Even though the granddaughter is one of the big reasons she is going on this journey through her life, the granddaughter is not at all the biggest part in this movie. As the title states it really is about the grandma, even though she is not your average cute wrinkly pancake baking granny.

It is so awesome how this grandma is such a cool woman, cursing the hell out of people. I like even more how the woman is a lesbian without making a fuss about it. I mean, obviously it is made clear that she is lesbian and the movie is about that and gender studies, gay cafes and abortion a lot, but it is not presented as a new or different thing that she is a lesbian and I love that.

The grandmother of this story, Elle, is played by Lily Tomlin (Grace & Franklin). She has a very interesting career, full of tv series, indie movies and vague films that I have never heard of before. Like I said, she does not look like your average grandmother, but she has such an interesting face and she fits so well in this film, I really enjoyed seeing a bit more of her again.

Watch it, cause I think this movie might be up for some awards this season!

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