Why is there such a thing as ‘trying too hard’?

In the Netherlands sometimes people will say: “ah, she wants it too bad”, and that is considered to be a bad thing. Wanting something too bad or as English speaking people would say ‘trying too hard’ is a phrase that I have never understood really. How can you want something too much? How can you do your best too much?

You always have to act cool about everything, even when you are super excited about it. Why do people who just write a letter to a company stating what they are good at (and proving it by their resume) get the job over people that are specifically stating what they love about the specific company and why they’d love to work there? Thankfully I haven’t had any experiences like this in the past few months, but in the video game industry I know people have judged me for simply being too hard working.

I mean, obviously when you expect someone to get a burnout because he is working too hard and showing lots of signs of stress; sure you can protect someone for themselves by not giving them a promotion to make sure they won’t slip away (but even that would be upto the person I think, to turn an offer down, instead of managers, but I can imagine if you are a protective kind of person you tend to make that decision for them.

However! Many times when someone is just very enthusiastic about something, they get weird looks and have to deal with a lot of judgment (often behind their backs). It really bugs me that people that are ready to give their all to a company (or a person, for that matter), people that are open and willing to go the extra mile, often are dismissed as being ‘too much’.

I do not really have a lot of other things to say about this subject at this moment, but I just needed to get it out of my system hi hi. Enjoy your day!

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