Boys don’t cry? Girls do, Frank Ocean

When I was little, I used to be a big fan of the Spice Girls. Big fan does not even cover it, I was obsessed with them. Me and my friends used to ‘play’ Spice Girls (I was Melanie C, who at least had the longest singing career 😉). I was such a fanatic Spice Girls freak, I would buy a German magazine that I did not understand one bit, just because there was one page on the Spice Girls. When the ladies finally planned a concert in the Netherlands, I puked all my way to the venue because I was so nervous.

I do not recall being brokenhearted or in tears when the Spice Girls split up, and when it ended I was not sad. I experienced a good childhood with the Spiceys, but since I was hitting puberty around the time they quit saying Girl Power and making peace signs, I did not care too much anymore. After the Spice Girls there have not been any artists that I was so obsessed with, but Frank Ocean is close, very close.

The annoying thing is, there is not much there when it comes to Frank Ocean. There are just two albums and a few seperate tracks with Jay-Z and Kanye West, and one with Beyonce, and one with a country singer or something, I don’t like that one. It has been two years since Channel Orange came out, and although I could live for a few extra weeks because of Beyonces album release which has a song featuring Mr Ocean on it, I am starting to lose patience now.

Frank himself hinted at a July release for his new album, which will probably be called Boys Don’t Cry (love that title!). So you can imagine that the whole month of July I was obsessively checking his Twitter, his website and everytime I had a ‘message’ on Spotify, I thought his album finally f-ing landed. But no, no, no, it did not, Frank himself was super quiet and I noticed that I was not alone in wanting new stuff from this brilliant man.

Then there was news ! The website at one point started referring to, which just shows the Tweet Frank placed one million days ago. I thought it must mean that this album was dropping soon, but boy was I wrong. I cannot wait for it to happen, but when August ended with no news, I started losing hope. Frank, I am kinda assuming you are going for a surprise release like our queen Bee did, which is fine, but I do hope it gets included on Spotify, as putting MP3’s on my phone has been so long ago I am not sure if I still know how to even do it!

I have never experienced being so impatient for new music in my life. The bands I love are pretty quick with releasing new stuff, and I do not even long for their music that much because I still enjoy their old stuff. Frank Ocean however, he is something else. He is such an extraordinary man, he is intelligent, his voice is breathtakingly amazing and his lyrics speak to me, even when they are about women working as strippers in Las Vegas. Even when he sings about typical hip hop things like having a lot of sex, he makes it sound way more layered. May be I am imagining this, I don’t know, it just works, people, it works.

I know every little sound he makes in all of the songs he has sang before, and I still listen to them and I love them, but I really long for more Frank Ocean. When you have a gift like that, you should not keep it to yourself man! I love the way his lyrics speak to me and I love how his voice is able to make me cry at any moment. It is so beautiful. I still regret it so much that I did not go to his concert in Holland when I had the chance. Please come back Frank, but please drop that album first.

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