Baklava at the Beverwijk Bazaar

Every year I have at least one weird food craving. Once I had a craving for some time of vegetable that I ate all summer, and then I was so sick of it I could not eat it for many years. I think I am about to have the same thing with baklava, which is actually a dessert kind of thing but I easily eat it for breakfast, as a snack or in the middle of the night.

Bazaar Beverwijk

My friend L and I went to the Bazaar in Beverwijk (which is this small town in my province) to look for Tupac t-shirts, but all we got was food. Okay, that is not entirely true, she actually got this very cute pink wallet. Anyway, we were walking around on a sunny afternoon and we did not quite find what we are looking for. The Bazaar is this big market with lots of Turkish products, but also general stuff like make-up and clothing. We were just getting ‘zoenen’, which is a kind of marshmallowy¬†sweet thing to eat, with the flavor of Baileys, yum.

We were just walking around, relaxed, and then I came to the realization (or maybe L said it, it is all a blur!) that there might be some baklava here. And there was! Even though there were many stalls that sold it, I got a fancier type that looked beautiful and was not drenched in sugar water. Baklava is very sweet and fatty, it is basically just dough, sugar, nuts, more sugar, dough, butter and more sugar. Amazing.


I got some and we went to the Turkish bakery for a pizza and one of those round breads, really nice, and then we left the Bazaar again. I hadn’t been to the Bazaar in 13 years and I must say, I can’t say I feel like I actually missed out on anything. It used to be called the Black Market by the way, cause they often sell stolen goods there. I am not really a market type of shopper though, unless I am abroad, but I never really buy that much on those type of things anyway. I was very happy we went though, cause I was very curious about it!

So now I am writing this while getting a bit nauseous of all the baklava. Hihi, it is sooo good though, I wonder when I will really get sick of it again.

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