Lush Christmas Cracker review – bubble bar

In Holland we do not really do Christmas crackers, unfortunately. Some stores sell them, but they are always pretty lame. One day when I went to London I bought some nice ones, but then I could not take them on the plane because they are considered fireworks. I was so sad. Thankfully Lush has a very nice Christmas cracker too.

When you see this bubble bar, you will probably think of some sort of candy rather than a Christmas cracker, which is not just because of its shape: the bright colors make me think of candy more than Christmas, but that’s okay. It looks very nice and does have an excellent smell actually. Christmas cracker is very citrussy.

This bubble bar offers lemon myrtle and lime essential oils, but the special thing about it is not its scent, it is supposed to be the popping candy that is added to it. Funny: it is kind of a candy bar after all. I must say though, I expected a bit of a bang or at least something popping, but that did not happen at all when I threw this baby in my bath.

I do like how the pink and yellow colors form a nice orange bath together. The smell is pretty strong so your bathroom will definitely have this nice warm citrus-scent for the full day. And… because it is a bubble bar, there is lots of foam for a real excellent bathing experience.

I am pretty excited about Christmas cracker, though I do not really get the Christmas or the cracker part: there was nothing fizzy about it, nothing really christmassy, but it is a very nice candy bath bar if you ask me. And… foam! 😀


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