The shy guy but twisted freak from Ireland

The bad thing about living so close to Amsterdam, is that on Tinder you will get many matches with tourists. One of them was S, an Irish dude that actually tindered in Amsterdam before he even arrived. We matched, mainly because of his super cute E.T.-photo, and we decided we should meet when he arrived. We did not really speak until he arrived in Amsterdam, but when he did I decided to meet him for just a short drink. If I liked him, I could always fly to Belfast, which is a city I want to visit anyways.

So, this guy, in his messages on the day that I met him, and throughout our whole convo, he was always was a bit cheeky and a even a tad arrogant. I thought, let’s see what he is made of when we actually meet. I totally forget to mention now that he worked for Game of Thrones, which is really cool, but I did not want to bother him about it too much. He makes props for the show and on our date we did speak about it, which was exciting.

The date itself was pretty exciting too. I met him at Central Station and I took him to a pub. He was extremely quiet, and whenever he spoke, he spoke so softly and quickly and with that cute Irish accent. I had a hard time hearing what he said, which was actually pretty cute. But the guy he is in text, I could not really find him. I kept on talking and talking and it was nice, time flew by.

I had to meet my friends, so after an hour I said we had to go. He really wanted some kisses when we parted, so I gave him the good old Dutch three kisses. He asked for one more, and then gave me a kiss on the lips. I kissed him back quickly, said bye and then he grabbed my hand and gave me one more kiss, which was super adorable.

Unfortunately, after that things were not as adorable as I would’ve wanted them to be. He really wanted to meet me after my drinks with friends, and it was pretty clear for what. The more I showed him it was not gonna happen, the less sweet he was in his texts. The day after, I was at work and he was almost leaving Amsterdam. He said; “Take the day off, because of you I am horny, so I have to take it out on you.”

That is pretty f’ed up and that is basically where my intention to go to Belfast stranded. Or, to visit him in Belfast at least.

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