House of Cards season 4 is not my fave

This week the new House of Cards season appeared on Netflix, and everybody was thrilled. I really loved the advertisement for it, with the American flag hanging upside down, it really had something eery to it. The fourth season of the show was not eery at all though.

It really took a while for it to really interest me. There was not much drama or interesting stuff happening in the first half of the season, but thankfully in the second half things got more interesting. I think that partly has to do with the Underwoods relationship: in the first few seasons it was kinda exciting and you never really knew what was what, threesomes, affairs, trust.. And now you know what is what and that makes things a bit less mysterious.

I really felt madam President was not really her usual amazing self either. Especially when she broke the fourth wall, which was pretty cool, she did not really seem very comfy doing it, which is very interesting to me: did she do that on purpose, being a little odd about it, or is Robin Wright really not good at talking into a camera? I think it is the first one.

Anyway, the first part of the season was so dull that at one point I just really wanted some outrageous sex to happen or some murder, which is kinda weird but it was really that dull. Even the Russian president that was featured a lot in the last season, is more into the background. Actually: every character from the past seasons did not really have a spotlight on them anymore, as if they were of no interest to us anymore.

Also I thought the season was very white house minded. Almost everything happened in the white house, or inside. Obviously Frank does not really go out for ribs anymore, but it would be great if there were more different settings, only the blahblahfields he went to for the odd meeting with the big boys was really outside, the rest was all inside, and that made it a bit boring too.

All in all it was a bit of an odd season, but like I said it thankfully was a lot better towards the end. I really wonder what my fave character of the show will do in the future, so I am bummed out that we are going to have to wait super long to know that, hihi. On the other hand it is a good thing I really look forward to it, cause I really would not have if it was just about the first few episodes.

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