Travel Report Japan – Day 5 – Koyasan

As I mentioned yesterday we had to get up very early this morning, to have a nice breakfast with a lot of little sandwiches like croissants and stuff, and then we started our big trip to Koyasan. Koyasan is in a more mountainey remote area near Osaka, so we had a long trip: by foot, by tram, by bullet train, by normal train, by other normal train, by private train, by mountain shuttle cart and by bus. Wow.

It was a huge journey which was especially uncomfortable for me as I was struggling a bit with my huge suitcase and it’s 25 kg weight. I am okay carrying it around, but there wasn’t really a place for it on the longest train journey of one and a half hours, meaning I had to sit weirdly for a very long time, causing my back and butt to hurt. Then I had to stand on another long train journey and I had to stand in the bus after I carried my suitcase up a very steep stairs of 80 steps. I was not too happy, but I was a bit grumpy today anyway.

My grumpiness might be because of my very active dreams at night, or because I know I have to think and make some decisions and I am not sure if I really want to. Anyway, I was annoyed with so many people, I was trying to zone out a bit but that was difficult as we are in a group so people try to make sweet convo’s all the time. Which is nice by the way, one conversation with a lady on the last train journey got me a bit more upbeat actually. But in general sleeping with a roommate all the time on holiday is not ideal. I knew that would not be ideal, but I never imagined it to be so intense somehow. I just need some time to myself, to think, to reflect, to understand, I dunno.

Anyway, the journey was a bit horrible, and tomorrow we will have to do the same journey all over again (minus the 1.5 hour bullet train ride) to go to Kyoto. That is going to be great though: the city is supposed to be AMAZING and even more amazing: I will have a hotel room to myself for three nights, yeah! Anyway, I can’t complain right now either, for some reason tonight I also have a room alone, but I am next to my parents and as we are staying in a temple tonight, the walls are literally made of paper, rice paper 😉

But it is nice though, to have a little moment to zone out. Today I got a bit overwhelmed after we arrived in Koya. I knew this might happen, but I hadn’t thought of that anymore until it happened. I always feel very connected with buddhism for some reason, and as I went into a temple near our own, I laid eyes on this high golden buddha looking at me. I started to feel not just humble, but also I felt like crying, and like I needed his wisdom so badly.

May be this all sounds very strange, but it was just like we had a moment. The whole place here feels very sacred by the way, there are beautiful temples everywhere and there is a huge and very inspiring and gorgeous cemetery next to our temple. There is just something about it. The cemetary took us 40 minutes to walk from start to finish, and another 40 minutes back, can you imagine? It was really the most beautiful cemetary I had ever seen. Buddhas everywhere, some of them with hats on, high segoia trees everywhere and just the most beautiful sights. Very mystical, I got all quiet when I was there.

It was a lovely walk but a long one, especially as we went the other way to go to that other temple first, I was happy to see my room, which is super Japanese. Everything is on the floor, and it looks amazing, please check out the pics! 🙂 I could not rest for long, only five minutes, cause then we had to have dinner. Well, the dinner was a feast for me, cause it was a dinner prepared by the monks. The monks that are vegetarians too! Yay, no meat, no fish, no suspicious foods: just veggie goodness, oh my god I was so happy when I saw the food. It looked amazing, it tasted amazing.

I am so sorry for sounding like some L’Oreal or Maybelline commercial all the time in my Japan travel report, but I am just so thrilled to be here, and even more thrilled that the country is even more amazing than I could ever imagine it to be. The dinner was great, and afterwards we went back to the cemetary to see it in the dark, as the lanterns were lighting up the place very nicely.

Then we searched for a place to have a drink, we had a very long walk again only to end up at the only place opened this evening: the little tea house we had tea at in the afternoon, hihi. Very silly, as it was next to our temple 😛 All that walking! Anyway, it was really good, I had a very cute Shiba Inu piece of cake that was warm and just soooo good. It is pretty cold out here; around 0! There was even some snow here and there.

Now I am getting ready for bed, very excited about staying in a room like this, cause this is what I would like to make my house like too, if I could. It is so beautiful, so perfect, aaaah! My positivity even drives me nuts people. Good night! 🙂

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