Roek is on Spotify!

On this blog I try not to chat about too many people, as I do not want them to read it and take things the wrong way, or I don’t want them to read it and think: why did she keep this blog from me? (I keep it from a lot of people actually, may be I shouldn’t, I dunno). Anyway! There is one person I am going to talk about this whole blog, though it is more about his music.

Roek put his music on Spotify, which is extremely exciting to me for a number of reasons. First of all, I have asked, maybe even begged him to put his music out there. He would always respond either that he was on Soundcloud, which no one who is not in music uses, if you ask me. Or he would respond that he wanted to finish it.

Well, I am not entirely sure if he is finished, or if he will ever be finished, but I am very glad that he is actually on Spotify right now. His music can get super weird, but it still has this atmosphere that just fascinates me. It sounds so good and so professional, amazing how one person can create something like that.

The second part about him being on Spotify that is special to me, is that he uses the name Roek, which is how I like to call him. Without taking any of the magic away from that name, and he has two thousand names anyway, it just rocks to see it up there on Spotify (and other music streaming services, but Spotify is definitely the most famous one right now). He made a pretty cool cover for it too by the way, his first ep/lp/album or however it is called, called Tourbillion.

Anyway, please have a listen, see (hihi or listen) for yourself what you think about it. My faves are definitely It’s Good and Lovely Time. Look for Roek aka Ultra on Spotify, and enjoy! 🙂

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