Concert report – Bombay – Show your teeth

In 2016 I went to Paradiso for the first time in my life, and all I could think was: why did I not go here before? It is amazing! So when my friend T asked me to join him to this Bombay concert, I was happy to join him as I really like the venue. The fun thing about this Bombay concert (which, as appeared that evening, was their farewell concert) is that it was a festival called Show Your Teeth, and both the upstairs stage as the downstairs one were used.
I liked walking around from room to room, but I was a bit tired (Friday night…) so I have not stuck around until the end. I have seen Eut, Concrete Knives, Jo Goes Hunting and (wait for it!) Cocaine Piss. Lots of strange, hard and odd music, but they were all charming in their own way. I fell in love with the singer of Eut for example, I love her voice and her style and the way she acts.
Then there was Concrete Knives, who showed up in their jogging pants, being very weird, not making amazing music to be fair, but they had this keyboard player who was just mesmerizing. The whole band was pretty low key, but he was having the time of his life and that really showed, very nice. Jo Goes Hunting was one of my favourites of the evening, it is the only band (besides Bombay) that I actually liked the music of.
It was crazy when Cocaine Piss started playing though. The singer was just screaming, or better yet screeching from the top of her lungs, and she jumped into the mosh pit which she did not come out of until the last song. It was insane, but I liked her attitude. Bombay was the last band I saw this evening, and also the curators for the festival. They were great, there was a lot of stage diving and crowd surfing, and the singer even went crowd surfing while playing the guitar, which was pretty rad. The drummer of Bombay is totes adorable by the way.
Anyway, it was a nice festival, but I was a little bit tired because of my Christmas sickness and the fact that it was a long boring day at work that day. Nice to have one more concert on the brink of the new year though! 🙂

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