The Founder makes us hate Mc Donald’s

Before I start talking about this movie, I have to tell you something so funny. It probably is totally unfunny for people that weren’t there, but I just don’t want to forget, hi hi. My friend P and I often go to the Sneak Preview in the cinema, where you don’t know which movie you will get to watch. Before The Founder started, we were sitting in the cinema, laughing and talking like we do, and he was checking something on his phone. I saw he had the Mc Donald’s app installed on it, so I screamed: NOOO PETEY, you have the app of Mc Donald’s?! That is the worst!

Quickly he opened up his browser, only to reveal that the last thing he searched for on Google, were the opening times of the McDrive in his hometown, haha. It was so hilarious to me, that coincidence, that as soon as the movie started and it was about Mc Donald’s, we could not look at each other for the whole movie, without bursting into laughter. Which was in hindsight actually a good thing, cause the movie was pretty bad.

The story is amazing, the fact that this is based on true facts is truly horrible, and if you have not heard the story of McDo yet, I would definitely recommend you to watch the movie and check it out cause it is insane. I like the 50’s setting in the movie, but the brothers McDonald kept on making me laugh, as they really acted like a gay couple, which was hilarious.

Now I must be frank, I do not like Michael Keaton, which has a lot to do with me disliking the 80s I think. And as he is the key character, that kinda threw me off. Then there was that odd love story in there, that was just portrayed a bit strange and very anti-feminist. I mean, if it was really how it went, fine, but I was surprised in general by how women were portrayed in the movie. The worst moment is when she drinks that milkshake, it is like you are watching some odd soft pr0n movie, I am not kidding, it really got me laughing and yelling out: THIS CANT BE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?!

So all in all it was pretty hilarious to see this movie this evening, but on the other hand it was not a good flick. It is weird, it seems to sidetrack people, and the ending will really make you hate Mc Donalds even more. I still love McFlurry M&Ms though! 😉 Plus, most of all, this movie will make you laugh, unexpectedly.

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