I used to hate Game of Thrones

Time for a confession: people, I used to hate Game of Thrones. When W and I were still together, we started watching it, but I simply could not really love it. I could see that it was a good quality show, but I simply did not feel it. There are two reasons for that. The first was that we were watching without subtitles, and as you know there are many locations and names to keep track of, and I just sucked at that.

The second one is the sex, there is so much sex in the first two seasons, and violence against animals too, so that made me really detest Game of Thrones. I feel that sex is hardly ever necessary or portrayed well in tv shows or movies, but in Game of Thrones it was just like it was all about the sex. Even though the series offers very interesting story lines and politics, it felt like it was all degraded because of the nudity and sex.

But when I started watching it again with subtitles, as everybody kept on talking about it, I was so glad I did. The sex scenes are a lot less these days, and the violence against animals is not as bad anymore either. I really started to love some of the characters, may be even all of them, in their own ways. Now I do not want to miss one episode, let alone see it later than other people hihi. So every year when Game of Thrones is on, I am going to have HBO for a few months. This way I can see Game of Thrones right away, and I can catch up with other HBO shows that were shown throughout the year. My favorite one for example: Girls.

Game of Thrones really is an excellent show. I would not recommend it for people that do not handle violence well, but for the rest of us, please watch it, it is so worth it!

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