Bridget Jones’s Baby is a cute movie

I was not very impressed by the trailer for Bridget Jones’s Baby, but I have read the books and I do love Bridget, so I did want to go and see the movie in the cinema. Especially cause it was a Ladies Night movie and I really wanted to go with Monika. Unfortunately Monika had to back out last minute because her son was not feeling it, but I hope she will still go and see the flick another moment, cause it is just such a nice feel good movie.

It is not original, it is filled with super predictable jokes, but yet Renee Zellweger just makes it all so funny. I went with my mom and she was laughing about so many different things than I was, which is logical cause my sense of humor is the weirdest, but it was also nice to see so many women from all different ages and races, laugh about so many different aspects of this movie. I did not really dig the whole pregnancy stuff per se, so I had most laughs in the start of the movie, while my mom was totally crying tears from laughing when Bridget got carried into the hospital.

I am totally #teamDarcy by the way, I think he is awesome. He is a gentleman, a romantic, and he truly knows Bridget, which makes his love so much more worth it. The other guy (haha I already forgot about his name!) did something EXTREMELY romantic too, it was really heartfelt how he came to her apartment to sweep her away with all these relationship dating kinda things, I think any woman would fall in love with any men if he would do that, but maybe that is just my crazy notion about romantic stuff.

Anyway, the movie is really great fun and I am very curious if they are also going to make a movie based on the last Bridget Jones’ book, which was pretty amazing as well, even though she has a kid and is way older in that story. Bridget is just so lovable, I think any woman can relate to her in some kind of way, not just her silliness, but also her ways of thinking, of always being on a diet (though she was extremely skinny in this flick). It truly is a feel good movie and good feel good movies with that 90’s feel are not really made that often anymore, which is a pity, cause they rock.

Oh by the way, the Ladies Night was fun too, there were all these half naked guys with wayyy to many muscles and wayyy too little body fat, but the ladies were totally taking pictures with them and hugging them awkwardly, which was very fun to watch.  😉


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  1. Aawww… I missed the fun!!! I wish I could have joined you… But no worries… We can go for another one very soon….



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