Life goal: Beyonce’s Single Ladies

Recent stuff in my life has made me rethink my life goals, or let’s say: it has me changing my bucketlist a bit. Not that there are a lot of things taken off, but I now have a bucketlist that gets more awesome every day! Things on it are obviously to hug Tom Hardy, and to ride a camel in the Egyptian desert. Pretty normal stuff right?

Well, a thing I’d like to add to that is to be able to do the full Single Ladies choreo, the one from the very much talked about video, in which Beyonce is wearing a robotic kinda arm due to reasons that stay unknown forever. I really love how she is dancing her butt off with these two other chicks, though I am not fully sold on the idea that the video was shot in one take. You kinda see the screen change a bit, and how come she is not super sweaty after a while?

Though it will probably take me a lifetime to figure that out, for now I will “just” have the goal of being able to dance the full choreo (it is soooo excellent!). At this moment I know five moves, so there is still a lot more to do.. It’s fun though, it is nice to dance full choreo’s as in my hip hop group we usually just dance to a little piece of a song, that then gets mixed with all these other pieces of songs and then it’s a show! Pretty awesome too, but how much cooler would it be to be able to do this famous dance fully? I’d love it.

Will I ever post a video of myself dancing to it on YouTube or on this blog? Hell no, but I will definitely let yall know when I am able to dance it in full. Hey, this might not have happened had he put a ring on it! 😉

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