I might have a tiny crush on Margot Robbie

Even though in The Wolf of Wall Street she was exactly the type of woman many women would hate, she earned respect by making Leonardo DiCaprio (or let’s say Jordan Belfort) pretty much crawl for it. And that is when the super awesome version of Margot Robbie shines through: when she plays a role in which the character actually is a person.

Unfortunately she has not always picked roles like that. I thought she was very bland in Focus and even The Legend of Tarzan, she was very charming, sure, and the kiss in the tree with Tarzan was super romantic, but she did not really stand out. In The Wolf of Wall Street she totally did though, and in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie she will definitely be on screen a lot too. Her cute American accent, the way she is totally herself, I love her so much in those awesome trailers. Margot Robbie obviously has worked her ass off for this part, and I am pretty sure she is going to do an amazing job. Even though I think Harley Quinn is such an annoying character that all girls always cosplay because it is just easy (in multiple ways 😉 ).

The trailer is so good, because everything we were afraid of is not really happening: Margot Robbie is not portrayed as just being hot, there is not a lot of Will Smith in it (not that there is anything wrong with him, but people are afraid he might be a bit too big of a star for a ‘group’ movie like this). I also totally looove the song in it, which is funny cause it originally is a feminist song called You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore, covered by Grace and G-Eazy. I really love it though, it really is a good song. I love hip hop anyway..

Anyway, back to Margot Robbie, she just does a very good job at playing Harley Quinn. I hope she does not get sexualised in the movie too much, I mean, obviously she has this attitude about her, but she is also a chick that rocks, so hopefully the movie is more about that then those little pants she is wearing 😉 I am also very curious about Jared Leto as The Joker, though people keep on freaking me out saying the role of Joker has some kind of bad influence on actors.. Creeps me out.

I look forward to Suicide Squad, even though I am not the biggest fan of superhero movies where a team is formed 😉 But I bet this movie is going to be fun, and we could use a good blockbuster in this pretty quiet summer.

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