Pokémon Go: easy to get, hard to play

Over the past few months I have written many articles about Pokémon Go, but yet now that I have it on my phone, I hardly play it! That is not because I don’t want to, but because you can’t play it inside your house. You have to go outside to catch Pokémon and even though I think that is pretty awesome, I am so afraid for my phone internet and battery if I would do Pokémon Go when I’m outside.

There have been many people complaining about the battery issues, cause just like Ingress Pokémon Go takes up a lot of battery power. That is a problem, especially cause all those smartphone junkies were already struggling with their battery power beforehand. I am not, cause I have a new phone, yay, but the issue is again, that I worry about my internet. I always run out of it, because I like to listen to Spotify at work.

It is a shame I did not get to play the game that much yet, cause everybody keeps on talking about it. I still hope I can find a Pokémon riding a street cat, haha. But I will probably be able to play more if I am on a train, or taking a walk or something, as I already have a hard time changing a song while cycling, let alone do the whole Pokémon thing. I do really like the look of the app, and how it keeps so many people busy. I read that there are even companies that say: you can only go in here for Pokémon if you are a paying customer, which is pretty funny to me.

It is exciting when a game that has been hyped a lot, actually is used by many people, making them happy. Sure, that battery shizzle is too bad, but don’t we have powerbanks for that? And usually there are many places to power up your phone, even at Amsterdam Central Station you can do it, so I think we should all be fine. The only thing is, we gotta get outta the house people! 😉

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