Death by chocolate: literally?

A few nights ago me and my friend went out to dinner. We do that often, just to catch up, and to chat for hours. We went to Caffe Oslo in Amsterdam which is a really nice restaurant cause it is Scandinavian, and because it (therefore?) looks amazing. Anyway, we went on a Groupon, cause I am Dutch and if I can pay half price, now is the time to do it.

The dinner was really lovely, though unfortunately my new phone did not save the pictures I have made (and it has done that more often, which is superweird, I should get that checked out!). But it was lovely to see my friend again, she is amazing, and to be able to talk about the many things that are on our minds (mostly work related though, cause we know each other from a company we both used to work for).

Caffe Oslo

The starter was good, the main was amazing, but then the dessert came and that is where things got tricky. One of the reasons I wanted to eat here, was because they have a dessert called Death by Chocolate, well, let me tell you, if you put something like that on the menu, you have my attention. We both picked that dessert so when it came we digged in. As the first bite was in our mouths, we were both looking at each other a bit funny. I do not remember which one of us started, but we both thought: what the f is this?!

We took another bite and tried to find out what that thing was we were so surprised by. Or lets say: taken aback by, cause it was very weird. As soon as you put it in your mouth your mouth started to act a bit funny, and the taste of it was a bit soapy, but not really, it was very strange. So we both decided we really thought that was disgusting. My friend told me a story about how she used to hate springrolls, before she found out it was only the coriander she had problems with.

Death by Chocolate

So she wanted to know what ingredient was in this dessert, cause she definitely did not want that anymore. I am way more pessimistic, so I said: There is something wrong with this dessert, take it from a chocoholic, this ain’t right. When we both gave our desserts back to the waitress, at first she was a bit suspicious, but after the chef took a bite, she came back with a very sincere apology, cause it was just normal white chocolate mousse and that was not what it supposed to taste like. We immediately could pick a new dessert and we received a tea on the house, which was very nice.

So I would still go to Caffe Oslo, it was just a freak of nature kinda accident. But of course we did joke around about it later: how our families could not sue the restaurant if we died in case we would have eaten the whole thing: THEY ORDERED DEATH BY CHOCOLATE, THEY GET DEATH BY CHOCOLATE! Hihi, watch out family: I will still order this dessert anywhere, anytime I get the chance.

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