Nemo has already been found, Pixar!

Have you seen the super adorable trailer for Finding Dory? I liked it, but I still feel that it might not be the best idea to make a Finding Nemo part two. I was totally okay with a Monster Inc-prequel, as that movie never got the attention it deserved, but hands off Nemo please! A movie that already is on top of many filmfans favorites list, is a movie you should not mess with. The memory is way too beautiful to be tainted by a sequel that can only be worse.

Of course Finding Dory does not have to be a bad movie (though I highly trust my instinct that it will be, considering Cars 2 and Brave), cause the characters are very original and universally loved. Plus, Pixar can make amazing sequels. Remember the amazing Toy Story 3? Finding Nemo though; I don’t think there are any animated movies that can top it, even when they come from the same studio. Nah-ah.

But of course I will go to the cinema and check out Finding Dory, cause there have never been any Pixar movies that I did not watch and that will never happen. I am one of the biggest Pixar fans imaginable. I am glad Inside Out was such an awesome movie, cause before that it seemed Pixar was a bit lost. The sequel to Cars was horrendous, Brave had super nice characters and a good atmosphere, but the storytelling was as rich as Friar Tuck before Robin Hood paid a visit.

Pixar has something to prove with its upcoming movies, cause even though they have had great successes like InsideOut, The Good Dinosaur was not very popular (I looooved it, cried my eyes out). People might start to lose interest in the king of animated movies, so Finding Dory should leave a big impression. Especially cause after that it’s time for Cars 3, which sounds like a movie I will not enjoy at all if it is anything like the second one. It is a pity that the sequels have the job to impress us, cause Pixar does not have some very original stories coming up. After Coco we will only get Toy Story 4 and Incredibles 2. We want new stuff, Pixar, that is what you do best! Things that are ambitious, take a lot of amazing storytelling skills and a crazy amount of creativity.

It even hurts a little, that combination of going out of the cinema with a sad face first and then hearing that my fave Pixar movie gets a sequel. I remember it like it was yesterday. Pixar is not that mountain climber that follows the footsteps of the tour guide, while chewing that disgusting mountain cabin bread. Pixar already climbed Mount Everest and they should find their own way, while looking for things to eat.

It used to do that, and I hope after all those sequels they will continue to be original. Doesn’t a movie about the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos sound a lot more attractive than reimagining characters we already know? When it comes to Cars 2, the characters were even stretched so far that they got thin and annoying. Mater used to be adorable, but in Cars 2 I just wanted to hit him in the face! I am so sorry Mater!

When I walk into a cinema, I want to be surprised, like Pixar does with their shorts before the movie. La Luna was not just extremely funny and visually interesting, it also brought new key roles with their own characters. That is interesting, to explore those new ones and to enjoy them. Sequels always miss that, no matter if you extend the stories of the arrogant Buzz Lightyear or the crazy, forgetful Dory. I thought that [spoiler alert!] Nemo had been found by now, so Pixar, couldn’t you just have let him play in the anemonemones and jump into a new, deep adventure yourself?

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