Beyonce’s Lemonade is just excellent

As you know I am a huge fan of Beyonce. I got the ‘Formation’-t-shirt, the ticket for the show in my pocket and I kinda only have a subscription to Tidal because I want to hear her music first! (and because I am so afraid Frank Ocean will only release his new album on Tidal too haha). Her new album Lemonade dropped this weekend after we have gotten a few hints, and it is amazing.

The album is a one hour video of a bunch of amazing songs. The world however, can’t stop talking about the lyrics, which is something I would usually be a fan of (I am very vocally focussed, if that is a thing). Everybody is like: yeah she and Jay-Z are going to divorce bla bla. But to be honest, it could be about anything: could be about her parents, could also be made up (I mean, she is a show woman, and an actress even!) and let’s not forget about the elevator situation of last year, which might still be a huge marketing stunt.

The thing that annoys me most is not the gossip about the album, but the opinions of the album. There are multiple people that I have heard saying: ooh she does so many styles, she should pick one! And I am like: hell no, she rocks stuff with Jack White, she does some awesome spoken word and then there is the extremely strong power song Freedom. I have been listening to this album constantly since yesterday and it is so darn good.

By the way, if it is about a possible divorce with Jay-Z, good for her right? It does not matter to me if it is her personal experience or the one of her family: ze ‘sells’ it, she brings these songs and videos with such conviction, I can’t help but feel the pain, the anger, the love, with her. Maybe even a little extra due to some stuff I am dealing with right now, but it is just such a strong album, I love the mix of styles, the videos are amazing and I happily pay 10 euros a month to be able to have this album on repeat constantly. I look forward to her concert so much!

Plus, in my hip hop class on Mondays and Thursdays we are training for a gig in June, and there are two Beyonce songs in our mix. The first one is Standing on the Sun (Remix) and the other one is the mix from the Super Bowl, so Formation/Uptown Funk, so much fun. Of course I do not have the curves of Beyonce, but I am trying really hard! I even ordered the Ivy Park sports outfit to feel even closer to Beyonce, haha, am I sounding like a weird fan yet? Don’t worry, my next tattoo won’t be her face on my arm, and I haven’t send her any creepy letters, haha. I respect this woman though, I look up to her amazingness, and I think more people should do that, instead of whining about all these things that might or might not be true about Lemonade, sourpusses!

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