Why are there so little vegetarian restaurants in Amsterdam?

If I had more choices, I would definitely have a way more vegetarian lifestyle. Thanks to the whole hipster movement with its super foods the world is more focused on eating healthy, which includes eating less meat, but for some reason you can eat quinoa at every street corner, but to find a decent full on vegetarian restaurant is nearly impossible.

It seems odd to me that vegetarians in the Netherlands will have to eat at a place that also serves meat 99.99 percent of the time. Many vegetarians have chosen the lifestyle because of their love for animals, and by “chosing” a restaurant that also serves carcasses, they indirectly spend their money on the business they detest so much.

I still eat meat, which is one of my many daily struggles. I love animals, I know my body does not need meat (and would probably be better off without it) and yet I still eat it sometimes. This is not all on the Dutch restaurants of course, and the Albert Heijn supermarket does offer many delicious veggie options like falafel and pasta pesto. But to eat the same things every time is not fun either. Especially if you have an issue with some veggies and goat cheese…

If I check what restaurant options veggies have in Amsterdam, which I assume should be the city in the Netherlands with the most vegetarian restaurants, I only count two restaurants! Why? I have no clue, but I am happy to see that at least one of them is constantly fully booked.

I hope the hipster culture will stick around a little, even though it is super annoying, it can hopefully help the sad vegetarians in our meat loving country.

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