Review: Lush Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar

This is one of the most interesting bubble bars out of the 12 Days of Christmas box (yes, guys, the end is near, my 12 Days of Christmas are turning into 6 months of Xmas 😉 ). Why? Because it is not one thing, it is five rings on a little piece of string. The piece of string is a bit uninteresting, I think they could have gone with a bit more proper Christmas ribbon, cause it already is a bit of a weird one, would be nice to make it more Christmassy.

Anyway, the reason the Lush Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar is so odd, is that it is five rings, so you are not entirely sure what to do with them. Do you put them all around your fingers like Nibbits? In the description of Lush it says something like: count down to Christmas with these rings, which does not reveal a lot either. Do I use all five at once, do I just go for one? What am I supposed to do?

I did what I always do when my brain does not function properly: I googled it. Often it makes me very afraid of dying (or of my cats dying), but now it just told me that actually no one exactly knows what tdo do with the Lush Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar. That is pretty comforting (for once, Google, thanks!) but I thought I would go with the advice to just sit in your bath and see what you would think is enough.

Eventually I went with two, but I think three would have been nice too. As soon as you take a ring your fingers are full of bronze/golden glitters, that obviously do end up in the bath later. As it is a bubble bar, I would recommend helping the ring a bit by crumbling it under the running water. Not just because otherwise it might not fully dissolve, but also because it is a bubble bar so you want to have lots of foam! The foam was awesome, not as crazy as other foams, which made me think that it might be true after all to use all five of the rings at once.

Anyways, what I also really loved was how the bath water turned all yellowy golden, with glitters everywhere. It was very beautiful, and it also matched the smell very well: vanilla/tonka bean, kinda Christmassy but not as boring vanilla as the Butter Bear I had the other week. A very lovely scent that did stick with me for a while, but again, you might want to use more than two rings to really make the scent very strong.

I thought this Lush Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar is pretty fun, because Lush does not really describe anything about it: not how you should use it nor what the smell should be like. I think the packaging, or to be more specific: the ribbon, is a bit cheap, but the five rings look nice and home made. They crumble nicely in the bath, making a somewhat small but yet lovely foam to enjoy, although this bubble bar seems to mostly be about the supercool golden glitter bathwater. Very nice touch!

However, I would not buy this bubble bar again, cause I am more into strong and sweet smells and not so much the vanilla ones, because they are too vanilla to me. The boyfriend was happy with it though, cause he cannot stand being around me when my scent is too strong. It is nice, but I have had nicer things in the 12 Days of Christmas box. Oh, and one more thing: one tip for you after usage: do rinse out your bathtub, as it might be full of foam and glitter. My brain probably is full of glitter now too, yeehoo! 😉

Lush Five Gold Rings Bubble Bar

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