Animals have souls

I just realised that I hardly ever write about animals, which is super weird because I loooove them. When I was little we could never have pets because my mom is allergic. The only animals I could keep were stick insects and fish. And I did horse riding, which took me a few years of convincing, as my mom was not too fond of that plan.

So what I wanted to discuss today is that animals have souls. You might read this thinking: duh! But there are actual alive human beings that believe that animals do not have souls. Well, anyone that ever had a cat knows those little creatures all have their own personalities. I can see it when looking at my own cats. The only pets I currently have are my three cats: Vloekje the Norwegian Forest Cat, Schram the shelter cat and Moksie: the mix of Ragdoll and normal cat.

Honestly, I never really loved cats. I mean, I loved animals in general, but I always considered myself to be more of a dog person. But as I have to work and therefore I do not have enough time to spend with my potential dog. Plus, another passion of mine is to travel, and dogs are not really allowed on airplanes. Anyway, I started out with two cats, but when me and my boyfriend broke up and I met my new love, we had our own ‘love child’ so Moksie came into our home a little later.

Does not really matter for my point, but it might be handy to know for the future 😉 Anyway, my cats are amazing. I was very interested in getting cats because I really enjoyed watching the cats of my then-parents-in-law walk around so carefully. It knew exactly where things were and it would not even touch it when walking over it with his paws. Really amazing, so agile!

My cats are totally not like that though. Which is too bad, because they often break things, but it is also good. The cats I used to know at my parents-in-law, weren’t the most cuddly ones. Mine are. Moksie is like a dog: he follows me around everywhere. Schram, who is a bit more of a scaredycat, always keeps an eye on me and as soon as I talk to her, she will come over for cuddles. An amazing feeling, as the first two weeks of her life with me she was sitting under some closets, being super scared, hissing at everything (she was found in the streets, some a-hole just put a whole nest of super young cats on the street.. 😦 ).

Anyway, it is amazing to see how she has become such a lap cat. She still has issues with men sometimes, but her personality is just so soft and sweet. She is always very kind to people, even though she can be scared, she would never hurt anybody on purpose. Vloekje is a cat that likes to spend time on her own a bit more, but she has these cuddle attacks in the afternoons where she will meow constantly and she just pushes her head against your hand. She often hisses at Moksie, who does not really understand how to treat the ladies 😉 He is a bit silly (he is also the one in the picture of this article), but you can do anything with him that you want, he just lays on the couch with you and he will chill to the max in the weirdest positions.

So, the reason I wanted to write about the personalities of animals, is that there are people that think that they do not. They are alive, obviously, but they do not have personalities of their own. Well, that is totally not the case. Schram is the only cat in my home that will push her little paw onto the bowl of water to check if it is water, Moksie is the only one that will drop down instantly when you pet him a certain way and Vloekje will lay in any type of square-like item that you will put on the floor. They have such different behaviour, it is amazing to watch them, even after the many years we’ve had them.

In general animals are everlastingly interesting to me. The way an elephant can check himself out in the mirror, the way some monkeys in a zoo collected sticks to take down a drone that was filming them for hours and how dogs can help blind people have a somewhat normal life; the animal world is amazing. The funny thing about personalities is that animals can also have a shitty day. When I used to be a little horse riding girl, I thought it was so remarkable how my favorite horse would sometimes just have a bad day. Grumpy horsey! And if you still don’t believe animals have souls, please try putting a cat in a little cat carrier, that will teach you a lot about cat personalities 😉


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