Am I not proud of PsychoUnicorn?

Did you know that has already passed the 100 posts mark? That means that we exist well over 100 days now, as I blog every day. I still love writing blogs here, even though people around me think I am nuts as I already have so little time left to relax. I don’t know, I just really felt like making a website of my own, that includes all subjects that I love instead of just one specialization.

The reason I called this blog ‘Am I not proud of PsychoUnicorn’ is that I do not really plug it anywhere. You would not see anything about PsychoUnicorn on my Facebook, on my Twitter, on my Instagram. This is partly because I have a PsychoUnicorn Twitter-account, Facebook-page, Instagram-account etcetera, but it is also something else; I do not really dare to share it.

Part of me is afraid about judgment, as this blog is really written in blogstyle over my more journalist style, and people might think: ooh she is so stupid, why is she blogging in English and making all these grammar mistakes! I am very uncomfortable with the idea of people judging me for that. But also for my personality I guess, I love so many different things and I can have pretty strong opinions. Plus, as soon as it is out, it is out. People will know where my blog is then, and they can always go back to read more. A few people around me know about PsychoUnicorn, but the big group of people that I know from my journalist work do not.

So, even though I am very proud of PsychoUnicorn because obviously I love the subjects I write about, it is very hard to share things. On the one hand I really want to share stuff very much, on the other I am pretty happy that it is a bit more of a safe environment right now. And I mean, it is not a secret. There are photos of me on this website on a very regular basis. I guess I just do not want people to judge something that is so personal to me. Even if they decide to judge me behind my back 😉

But more and more often I think about it, shall I promote it anywhere? But then I think about how personal this project is to me, and I don’t. Is that stupid? It probably is, but why should I be apologizing for or feeling bad about who I am? Somewhere inside I feel like I should, and I also do not want people to think that I find myself so important that I made a whole blog about me. I made this blog because I wanted a place where I could write about the many things I experience, because I love writing, because it is a modern diary, and because I would drive my boyfriend insane when I would tell him all the things I now write here 😉 Maybe I am a bit ashamed of who I am, and therefore not ready to share this blog, but maybe in a few years when this is a great success… Who knows?! (haha)

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