Review: Body Shop Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream

Although I never use it when I am at home or on the road, at work I put on hand cream every few hours. Is it like a lip gloss addiction, where people put on so much lip gloss their lips do not know how to keep themselves hydrated at some point? Quite possibly, but that is why I keep it healthy and I just do it at work! 😉 For example with the Body Shop Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream, although I doubt I will ever buy this product again…

So you might want to know why I would say this, well that is easy: I do not really feel the ‘care’ part. Maybe that is because this hand cream is more for purifying, so getting people a sense of freshness, but I like my hand creams to be helpful when that skin between next to my thumb starts to look like the Sahara desert. It is not a greasy skin product which stays on you for quite a while. It is more like those hygienic hand gels that you can use to wash your hands without water.


There is a lot that I like about this product though. For example the tube or can it is in. It looks a bit like a tube of paint that Picasso would have in his living room, while painting semi orgies 😉 It is very easy to use, although in the beginning when the tube is still quite full with the product, it sometimes tends to automatically come out as soon as you take the cap off. When it gets more empty, you can just fold the back as it is made of some aluminium/metal/something. It is nice that you can squeeze out as much as possible, instead of having to throw the tube away with lots of residue still in there.

I like putting this Absinthe Purifying hand cream on because it makes your hands feel very fresh. The scent is a bit like pine-tree, or perhaps absinthe but first of all I am not sure what that would smell like and secondly, I am not sure if the liquor is the thing that The Body Shop refers to here, hihi. I only know that the Absinthe range is a whole product line of hand products.

The price of the hand cream is also pretty good, you get 30ml for 6,50 euros (I believe it is more expensive in the US), and it seems to be pretty environmental friendly (no ethanol, no silicones, no glutes, et cetera), no animal testing, a good price for the farmer of the ingredients, et cetera. But even though it is a nice product in a good tube, it just does not do the caring part enough. I do not feel like my hands are hydrated after using it, but they do feel fresh. But, when I want my hands to feel fresh, I usually go for hygienic hand gel, which kills more bacteria but might not be as naturally friendly.. Definitely would not buy this one again, I would rather go for a cream that hugs my hands a bit more 😉

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