Review: Lush The Experimenter Bath Ballistic

For Easter time Lush releases special Easter items, such as the ‘Carrot’, an adorable giftbag (or should I say cone?) with four products in there. One of them is The Experimenter, which might be a reference to that Mr Bean episode in which he visits an open day at a school and then fiddles around in the science lab, turning a little boy blue. Cause this ‘ballistic’ as Lush calls it, is a very colorful experience.

First you have to fill up your bath with nice and hot water. Smelling the bath bomb already gives away what is in it: tonka, vanilla and something I had to google: vetiver, which apparently is a type of tropical grass of some sort. These are not smells that get me super excited, to be honest, especially vanilla (cause vanilla is soo.. vanilla!), vanilla to me is the smell of ‘normal’. The other smells I do not really know.


So let’s first look at the spacey and interesting shape of this ball. It was kinda hard putting it in the bag, because I did not want to harm it! It is a very cool, modern look, and you can already see the colors we can expect. Cause what is the reason that I got this beauty? That it promises to fill your bath with awesomeness. So the shape does not even matter that much, cause as soon as it touches the water it will start to decompose (hihi, that is a bad term), let’s go with: floathing around and changing shape due to the water. 😉


To be fair, my Experimenter started going through my bath like fireworks. It went fast, and I blinked a few times and the bath was all colorful and a bit psychedelic to be fair. Very cool, it almost looked like a painting! I really loved how the little foam on the water turned in a multitude of bright colors, making my pretty boring bathroom suddenly look like a party! The bathwater itself was green, which I did not really think is an appetizing look. It would have been better if it were purple or orange (although that last one might be a challenge with so many darker colors).

Anyway, I am not complaining, I really loved the end result of the Experimenter, it was absorbed by the water very fast and well, and I really liked that it was going so swiftly, I am serious, it was like fireworks!

The smell however, it was not really strong, which I think was a bit of a disappointment. Even though I did not buy this ballistic for the scent but more the experience, it did not make me want to stay in the bath for superlong. Plus, it made me want to take a shower and use another Lush product to still have that Lush after-bath-smell. That was too bad, I think the smell of The Comforter would have been perfect with this Experimenter (but honestly, I think the smell of The Comforter would be perfect with ANYTHING).


I don’t know, it is just a big contrast between the bright colors and fun experience, and then have a scent that is hardly recognizable. It was a bit boring, but the experience was totally worth getting this ballistic with its interesting shape. A shape that has nothing to do with balls by the way, hihi.

I was wondering, while sitting in the bath trying to relax, how cool it would be if this was not a bath bomb but a bubble bar! If you would have all this colorful foam, that would make this product an instant Lush classic if you’d ask me. The colors are so vivid and fun! What do you think of my painting? 😉


Disclaimer: I have bought The Experimenter from my own money, on my own initiative. 

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