Rest In Peace, CuteOverload

Everybody has its own internet behavior. Some people just F5 news websites all the time, some of them cannot get off Twitter and some have a special routine of websites they check out every morning. I do these rounds in the evening, but a few years ago I did not really have this standard way of browsing: I usually just went to my email, Twitter and one particular website that never failed to bring me laughter, joy and happiness: CuteOverload.

As the name suggests, it is a website full of cuteness. Cute little kitten pictures, videos of puppies wiggling their cute little bottoms and also more rare animals that are still super adorable. CuteOverload was not just a celebration of baby animals; it was a celebration of animals in general. Sometimes they put a very old dog online, or a very cute story about a particular animal, and sometimes it was an animal that was not perfect but had a spot on his body in the shape of a heart. Anything that was touching or sweet and had to do with animals, you could find on CuteOverload.

I was such a big fan of CuteOverload, that I bought their calendar every year. I preferred the one with a daily cute, instead of the calendar which only had you stare at one cute picture for a whole month, but either way it was just a very nice gesture of CuteOverload and it is always cool if a website is so successful that it has it’s own merch. CuteOverload is such a peaceful, lovely website, even though cuteness might sound a bit childish, I totally brought my calendar to the office.


The past few months I was not visiting the website anymore. Not because I was not interested or because the calendar did the trick, but because of two other things. The first is that I went on a long trip to Vietnam and afterwards I had the job change so I simply could not find the time. But the other one was that many cute animals found their way to me via different platforms, mainly Instagram and Facebook. A pity, because Cuteoverload has so much more cuteness to offer and the website is just very nicely setup. When I used to be down or sad, I would go to this website and feel better, seriously.

Yesterday I went to Cuteoverload and I was sad to see the message by website runner Meg about how her life has changed, how the internet had changed and how the website struggled with advertising. It truly is the end of an era to me, but I can understand why they would rather stop at a good time than continue for too long while posting less and less. It is sad though, because now I really have to look myself for cool social media outlets to follow such as BabyAnimals to get my daily needed cuteness.

I really want to thank Meg and CuteOverload for the many years of bringing fun, positivity and extra love for animals to my life. I do not think they will ever know how many people in the world they really touched with their adorable-ness. I think I have been visiting CuteOverload for nearly ten years and that truly is a long, meaningful time. Thank you, cutie! 🙂

Schermafbeelding 2016-03-05 om 10.39.32

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