TAZA Chocolate – Chocolate Mexicano Vanilla review

You might remember my blog of nearly a month ago about the Chocoa chocolate festival. I wanted to try out the chocolate that I have bought and write separate articles about them, as there is so much to tell about chocolate! The first one that I am reviewing now is one of the chocolate ‘bars’ I was most exciting about having after my visit to this festival. It is the Chocolate Mexicano disk chocolate by TAZA, which is definitely not a chocolate bar for everybody.

I have tried a few small pieces of other flavors of this type of chocolate, but I loved the Vanilla one the most so that is the one I bought. For a few euros you get two chocolate discs in one package, wrapped in foil and very lovely paper. The packaging looks very authentic to me, and because of the round shape it really stands out from all the boring rectangular chocolate.

But that is not the reason to buy this chocolate, cause it was the texture that seduced me into buying these discs. And the texture is also something that I think will not appeal to all chocolate lovers. It is very ‘dry’, loose, granular chocolate. I really love how it is tough at first, but then breaks down into all these little chunks in your mouth. It is not something that I would eat two full discs of at once, cause it is very intense, but it tastes so good!

It is very funny to me that the way TAZA Chocolate is promoting this chocolate, is that it is ‘chocolate with true grit’! I think that is very true, and it is really a very different chocolate experience. But don’t be fooled, it is not gimmicky; the chocolate itself is excellent, high quality rich, dark chocolate made with organic cane sugar and organic vanilla bean.

Want to hear more amazing things about this chocolate? How about that it is kosher, gluten free and vegan! There is no diary in it, there is no soy in it: it is just cocoa, sugar and vanilla, wrapped into one gritty disc of amazingness. It has bite, it is tough and it is dark and sweet, yum! Do use it with care, because just because it is a lot of good things, it still contains calories I’m afraid. 😉

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