I really dislike going to the hairdresser

Ever since I was young, I have dreaded going to the hairdresser. Now, before you think that must mean I am walking around with dreadlocks; I did go to the hairdresser, I simply totally hated it.

When I was a kid that must have been a struggle for my mom, but now that I am older it is a struggle for myself. You might wonder why, do I have a fear for them (isn’t that a thing, hairdresserfobia?), but that is not the case.

Plus, I think it’s a combination of things. First of all I am a trichotillomaniac since my early youth. Dont worry, I am not an extreme one and it sounds a lot worse than you’d think because it is simply a horrible word. Though my targets are mostly eyelashes and eyebrows, sometimes the hair on my head is the victim too. Thankfully I have a lot of hair on my head, so I think you don’t really see it, but obviously hairdressers tend to approach it from a different side and they do see it. Some of them say something about it, some don’t.

I am not too fond of their judgment. It’s not like they are mean about it, but I just to feel like talking about it because it feels a bit private to me. I always start to awkwardly apologise for it and it is just a strange conversation.

And now that we are on the point of conversation anyway: what’s up with that? Some hairdressers keep all yapping, others are a bit more relaxed. I would hate being a hairdresser; some smalltalk sure, but having these conversations all day every day? That must be intense.

Even though they are truly legit (hi hi), this is not the main reason why I don’t like going. It’s the touching. I do not like a person to be touching me for a full hour. I even feel a bit bad for the person that has to do it professionaly. Same goes for massage therapists. When I used to see a psychologist she would recommend me to go to a hapnotherapist to deal with that, but obviously I did not want to because that person had to touch me too! 😛

Anyway, not a fan of hairdressers. My mom has this place she has been going to for 35 years or something, a salon where I used to go too when I was younger. One of the guys would always nearly cut your ear off, and other would totally judgmental be staring at me angrily when I wanted to get my hair done blonde with aubergine color. I was a goth/skater girl, come on! They actually refused to do it. So I never came back and ever since I have been going to other hairdressers and I often dye my hair at home.

But, as I will be starting with a new job in a few days (Omg!), my too long hair which looks a bit too grunge now, should be spiced up a bit. So I went to a hairdresser and it was okay-ish, a very lovely woman helped me, who had amazing Surinam curls with blond stripes in it, absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, she took her scissors and put some miracle cream in my hair, to make it look amazing. I still dread going to the hairdresser, even though this lady was very lovely, but the most important is the outcome right?


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