My favorite actresses at the moment

So I wanted to write something about the actresses I love, and I was going to just stick with three of my all time faves, but then I started thinking things through and I realized I would rather make a list of actresses I truly love right now. Don’t worry, the three all timers (haha not to be confused with old timers ūüėČ ) are still in there, I even made it a top ten!

Before we start I’d like to take a little moment to note that I really used to love Angelina Jolie. I used to have a two-meter cardboard stand of her and Brad Pitt (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) in my room. However, I have not seen her in a lot of movies lately, and she has been so busy with her kids that she simply stepped out of the list a little bit. She totally rocks doing the director thing now, so that is why I still wanted to note that she is an amazing woman, she just has not really been on the actress radar a lot lately.

10. Laura Prepon
I already started loving her more and more in the That 70’s Show, but ever since she appeared in Orange is the New Black, I truly fell in love with Laura Prepon. Not everything about her career I love (I am not too crazy about Are You There Chelsea), but my gosh she is great as Alex Vause. I absolutely love Orange is the New Black in general, but Laura makes it so much better. She looks gorgeous, and most of all, she knows how to act as this criminal woman quite well!

9. Zooey Deschanel
There are many reasons to love Zooey Deschanel. She plays the very loveable girl in New Girl, she sang the music for a Winnie the Pooh flick and she was totes adorable in (500) Days of Summer. I love how bubbly she is and I always feel like Jess, the chick she plays in New Girl, is actually not very hard for her to play because they are so much alike. Obviously I have no idea of any of that is true, but Deschanel does nail it.

8. Aubrey Plaza
What I like about Aubrey Plaza is her versatility. I got to know her as the awesome April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation, a comedy show that is a bit like The Office, but then¬†mainly written by a woman if I am not mistaken. However, she is not just a very funny comedy actress, Aubrey also picks a lot of indie movies, such as Safety not Guaranteed and Life After Beth. I just read on IMDB that she is also Grumpy Cat’s voice in some tv flick about him: how versatile is that?!

7. Amy Schumer
It is not easy to make me laugh out loud. I always watch comedies pretty quietly, and although I am getting better at laughing about it, I usually am a quiet watcher, especially when I watch something alone. Amy Schumer is a bit new to the business, but her movie Trainwreck (as I already wrote here) is sooo amazing, it makes me laugh at least every five minutes. I love how funny she is, cause even when I saw her on stage in Amsterdam before the premiere of the movie, she handled the interviews so well, always being charming and funny, but never in the boring IT girl kinda way.

6. Mindy Kaling
I have just finished reading Mindy Kalings book and it is hilarious. I love how open and honest she is, and I am rooting for her extra because of her not being another white actress. Sorry to be positively racist that way. I think Mindy is amazing, gorgeous and very funny. I loved her on The Office, the show that really put her out there, but also her own show is very lovely: The Mindy Project. It sometimes has its ups and downs, but I think she is doing a very good job on it and I hope it will continue somewhere as I understand that is not entirely sure yet.

5. Amy Poehler
Apparently I love funny women, because Amy Poehler is the fourth very funny woman in this list. She is not just great on screen, but also as a writer (Golden Globe awards, Parks and Rec..). I do really love when she is acting though, she rocks Lesley Knope. She did a great job in InsideOut as the voice of Joy and I really liked her in Wet Hot American Summer too, even though I did not generally love that show.

4. Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain is very much in this list because she is simply gorgeous. I cannot NOT look at her and think: oh my god she looks like an angel. That being sad, this is not the only thing that makes her the amazing woman she is. She is a very strong actress, playing difficult parts in famous movies, like: Zero Dark Thirty, The Martian and The Help. I love her most in Lawless, a flick that I think really did not get the credit it deserved. She is romancing my favorite actor in the world: Tom Hardy, in that flick, and it’s sexy!

3.  Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock again is a very funny woman, who is even charming in movies that get very bad rates. She was hilarious in Heat, The Proposal, Two Weeks Notice and Miss Congeniality. She was very serious and impressive in Crash and Gravity of course. I really feel like she came very close to Sigourney Weaver in Alien, when she went to space in Gravity, really amazing acting, very intense. I think Sandra Bullock does usually not get the credit she deserves, and I appreciate her many different roles and choices a lot. Thanks Sandra, you rock.

2. Kate Winslet
I LOOOOVE KATE WINSLET! I have loved her ever since I was a 10 or 11-year-old girl in the cinema for Titanic, and she has never let me down. Seriously just IMDB her and check out the list, it is all amazing stuff. Carnage was amazing, The Holiday was cute, and Labor Day was especially amazing. The song she sang for that Christmas movie was awesome and I still love listening to it. And of course Kate has fantastic looks, she is a true beauty.

  1. Charlize Theron
    The absolute number one though, is Charlize Theron. She is a gorgeous actress that dares to be ugly, very ugly. She was pretty ugly in Snow White and the Huntsman, but she was outrageously scary in Monster. I love many of her movies, except for A Million Ways to Die in the West. I have not seen all of her films, but she always is a highlight in every movie she is in. And as a Dutch woman, I am particularly fascinated by her talking Afrikaans (as she comes from South Africa). But the main thing why she is my favorite actress, is the interesting role choices she makes, her gorgeousness, her courage and that she simply seems a very good person.

PS: The picture in this article on the front page is made by Robert Erdmann.

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