Travel Report Vietnam – Hoi An, Day 9

Today was another beautiful day in Hoi An, though it was a bit sad to leave this lovely vibrant touristy city. It was a very exciting day, as I was going to go to my first fitting ever in my life, and obviously I had to buy the clothes so they better were good! 😉 And they were. Yesterday we went to the tailor, which appears to be the number one tailor in Hoi An: Yaly.

I must say, yesterday I already sensed a high level of professionalism. Our group came to the store, all these ladies were ready to help us and they were very quick but yet very clear on what I had to do, what I could choose from et cetera. I did not have to undress fully to be measured and there was nothing awkward, these ladies, especially Sandy who helped me out, were great at comforting people while still working swiftly.

Before I went in I was going to get a suit, but I was already wondering about having a dress made too because I had seen a lot of cute ones around town and with my length it is always hard to find nice dresses that don’t look too hookerish (short..). So when I sat down and went through the books, I decided to get a dress made as well.


It was all chosen very quickly and easy, you would just name the type of fabric you’d like (of course there are limitations, as they will not make a suit out of very light see through fabric), but there were a lot of options on some notes. Truth be told I was not too happy with the lining fabrics, as they were a bit boring for my taste, but on the other hand it was probably good to not let me go too crazy 😉

For the dress I was looking for a very bright fabric, but I went with the color that I dislike most: white. The reason for that is that it had the coolest print: robots. I absolutely loved that it was a subtle, yet geeky print. I was a bit scared of how it would all turn out, but today I went for the first fitting and I must say: they did an excellent job. Everything indeed looked like the pictures I pointed to, and the fabrics seemed to go very nice together. Yay!


It was not just very delighted to finally have a jacket that is covering my wrists (yes, I have monkey arms ooh-ooh-aah-aah!) and has a perfect shoulder (I am quite tall), but also I was happy because Yaly is not just the greatest: it is also the most expensive one. The suit and the dress were going to cost me 200 US dollars, so that is definitely not cheap. But, I was promised great quality, quick delivery and I did not have to pay in advance, so that was all really good.

And I was so happy to see that it all fit pretty well. There were some minor alterations, I wanted to have the skirt of the dress to start a bit higher, and I wanted the suit jacket to be a little bit shorter after all, as I looked a bit too stern/uniformy in my suit. It was all not a problem and I could come back just before dinner for a second more final fitting which would also be used to decide on the skirt length. Awesome that I could do it this way, cause that meant that I could go to the beach in the afternoon and then go back to the shop just before dinner! After the fitting we first went to Cargo Club for a lovely coffee and cake, and then we went to the hotel to get our stuff and do that beach thing!


The beach was pretty nice, very white sand, cool waves and as we were staying at the Silk Village Hotel, we had a little private beach to enjoy with chairs and parasols. The only thing that was not really on our side today, was the weather. It was not sunny but very windy and even a bit cold! I did not even get to swim in the sea due to the cold weather, brr! I mean, I was still okay in my bathing suit with my cheap see through Primark dress, but I did not like the idea of getting in the warmish sea and then getting out and feeling soooo cold including goosebumps.

So afterwards we went the hotel again, relaxed a bit and went out to dinner at Cargo again. We were planning to go to this restaurant called Family, but it was so quiet there, it made my parents worry. So we went to the place we already knew. I do not really prefer that, but on the other hand, Cargo is a really nice place so it was fine. My boyfriend had this superhuge crispy whole fish on his plate while I enjoyed some good fillet mignonne with awesome mashed potato. It was raining so badly that even inside some drops fell down. It was so funny to see all the people with their ponchos, where do they get them from so quickly?!

Before the dinner we went to Yaly again to have a fitting and it was all perfect. I showed how short I wanted the dress and then we paid and they brought it exactly at the time we discussed to our hotel. Excellent service, and indeed they exactly did what I asked and I absolutely love the clothes! ❤ It was a good, successful and relaxing day. I will upload some pics of my Yaly dress soon, but it was a bit dark when I tried it on when it was finished (at the hotel). Talk to you tomorz!

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