Travel Report Vietnam – Hue, Day 5

Today was by far the most boring day of the holiday. In fact, it was soo boring that I will probably mention it in the survey the travel organisation is going to send me when I come home. The thing is, this whole day we did nothing but travel. We could sleep in in the morning, so we could have breakfast at 08:30 instead of the usual 07:00 o clock. But then we stepped into the bus and we were just driving.

Driving, driving, driving, all the way back to Hanoi to go to the airport for our flight to Hue. Just before lunch time we stopped at again one of those big shops where disabled people work, but it was way too much the same as the one yesterday. Then we went on and at the airport we were hoping to get some lunch, even Burger King would do. Well, that was a big disappointment, as at the airport we could only go to these small Vietnamese counters that did not really offer a lot of good things for a good price.


So here we were, sitting on an airport way too early for our domestic flight, eating a hot dog with no sauce on a bun that was way too sweet. Hmm, it was not the best day of our holiday. Thankfully a freezer with a big Haagen-Dasz logo on it catches my eye, so then we were all having ice cream. I am usually not the ice cream type of person, but for Belgian Chocolate by HD I gladly make an exception. 🙂 Plus, in Vietnam chocolate things are not awesome, so I was happy to taste some real chocolaty chocolate!

And I am afraid that is almost it for today. When we arrived at Hue we saw a lot of stray dogs, and it is really hard not to just grab them all and take them home. They might carry diseases, so we cannot even pet them, and there are sooo many puppies, argh! Anyway, when we arrived in Hue it was starting to get dark, so we went out to dinner at this pretty okay place in the centre of Hue, called Phuoc Thanh Garden Restaurant. A funny name to me, as I know to Dutch Vietnamese guys that are called Phuoc and Thanh.


Anyway, it was kind of the same as usual: springrolls, meat, soup, but it was still good and they gave my usual fresh pineapple juice a really lovely tropical twist!


This was my day, tty tomorrow!

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