Room – You go, movie kid!

I am not famous for my huge love for kids. I used to own the anti-child book, and I still feel that kids are for other people, not for me. I used to be pretty intense about it, but as it seems to hurt mothers if you tell them that you do not really love kids, and a got to know a few that have pretty cute moments 😉 I changed my mind a bit. I still don’t want them (but who knows what I will think when all my cells are regenerated again after seven years), but I can appreciate them a bit more. Plus, I love doing kiddy stuff, so I really enjoy building LEGO’s with nephews and nieces.

Anyway, I did not want to talk about my personal feelings towards having kids or not, that is for the day after tomorrow, hi hi. But I did want to talk about kids, specifically kids in movies. Often they are super annoying, and the best examples of this are obviously the kid in The Sixth Sense and Kevin who we all know from Home Alone. Kids can be so non-innocently cute, it is totally not cool and I am not buying it.

Kids are often so distracting to me, that I sometimes even avoid watching certain movies because of the kids. Think about horror flicks, how often are there scared kids involved? As long as they are possessed like the one in that old horror flick that is not The Exorcist but the one with the boy, why can’t I come up with the name, argh! Anyway, many kids in horror movies are just plain irritating.

I was also hesitant about watching the movie Room. Not that it is a horror flick, but it is a movie that is leaning very much on the performance of one kid. I saw the photos of the Golden Globes, with the little boy being very happy with his award, and for some reason I already thought: I bet I will not think he should have won when I see this movie. As I do have the habit of trying to watch a lot of award nominated movies in this time of year, I thought I’d give Room a try.

So, I did not really read up on this movie before I started watching it, as I like to go in as uninformed as possible. The only thing I knew about Room was that it was about this boy and that he won this award. When the movie just started, I thought: aaw, this is going to be one of those depressing movies about a mother who keeps her kid indoors and home schooled, pffft. But very soon I learned that that was totally not what this movie was about.

Plus, I saw the performance of this young man called Jacob Tremblay which was exquisite. That little guy can act! The connection he had with Brie Larson (who played his mom, or Ma 😉 ) was so touching, and throughout the whole movie he just rocked his part. It is amazing how this guy knew how to portray a little boy that was held captive for so long, and of course we will never know exactly what a little boy would go through really, but how I’d imagine it is very close to how Tremblay played it.

The movie itself is brilliant by the way, I would highly recommend you to see it. Weirdly it has not been in cinemas in the Netherlands, maybe it will be on next month when the Academy Awards fever is even higher, but otherwise just buy the Bluray! Enjoy.

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