Tsum Tsum; why do I still play it?

A Disniac, a Mouseketeer; I am it. I am not a 45 year-old single woman with a half-faded Winnie the Pooh-tattoo on my back, but I definitely consider myself one of the many, many Disneyfans that are walking this planet. I actually do have a Disney related tattoo, but I do not dress myself up as a princess (only if I ever get to walk down the aisle, ofcourse I will be going full fluffy pink princess that day, including a horse carriage) nor do I stalk people in Disneyland with freaky Disney facts.

Currently I am reading two biographies of Walt Disney himself. It is always hard to discover which biography is ‘legit’ and which one is not, but I like to think all biographies together meet somewhere in the middle. Walt Disney was a difficult, but a great man, and I feel a lot of love for him as he brought, and still brings, so much enjoyment for all ages. If it was possible to speak to the dead, he would be my first choice, and if I could only ask him one question, it would be: what do you think of the path that current Disney is taking? If possible, I would love to take a stroll with him in Disneyland LA and see what he thinks of it now…

Snap out of it, PsychoUnicorn, this is reality! And in reality, I struggle with the Disney game Tsum Tsum. You might not have heard of it, it is a free-to-play mobile game (which often means: free to play, but before you know it you spend tens of dollars on it and you know you shouldn’t because the gamemakers are just mean and greedy. Quite frankly that is exactly the case with this game). It starts off with the most sugary sweet cute cuddly introclip, (yep, sprinkles. Everwhere!) in which you see the Tsum Tsum-stuffed animals bounce around. Then the actual game starts and it is best to compare it to Bejeweled. You have to make chains of as many of the same characters as possible by drawing a line with your finger.

This sounds fun, and it is, but I would love to have seen more of a Candy Crush-esque approach. And by that I mean: levels. Now I am playing the same level over and over again, with the only thing changing is the key-Tsum that I chose to work with. The problem is that I haven’t really discovered the ‘thing’ yet, the thing that you have to understand to make a lot of money so you can just play a few rounds and have enough money to buy a new Tsum.

So I have spend money on this game, which makes me want (or actually: need, and ‘feel obliged to’) play even more. It is a nice game to play just before going to bed. You lay down, set your alarm, play a few rounds and go to sleep, but I cannot get used to the idea of the game being so ‘the same’ all the time. Again the same round, again, again, and again. The different types of Tsums (different characters) are not that different either…

The most stupid thing about Tsum Tsum is that I had it on my phone, decided it wasn’t all that and deleted it. But when I went to Disneyland Anaheim a few weeks ago, I saw these adorable mini pluchies in the Disney Store, the Tsum Tsums, and I just had to buy one. I went with Stitch, which is the most awesome, but I recently discovered that Dutch toy stores also have them in stock, so I bought Tigger, Eeyore and Minnie Mouse now too.

In case you have not discovered it yet, I am hopeless. I still do not know what to think of the game, but yet I am all involved in it somehow. It is kinda like life! 😉

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