Fresh ‘n New

Holy moly, it took me quite a while to get to this point. Often when I tell people I write, they will ask: Ah, so, you blog or something? Well, I write features and reviews about things for big Dutch websites. Many times I have been asked why I would not blog next to the many things I do, just about myself and stuff I like.

There have been many reasons for me to not go ahead and do that. First of all it is hard for me to find the time. I have a full-time job, my freelance jobs, my unpaid freelance hobby websites and last but (it should not be) least: I have just started a Bachelor study in English translation. Funny enough that last thing actually made me go ahead with this blog right here.

Even though I work in an international office where all communication is in English, I still make mistakes and as I am about to be a translator I need to train myself. This blog will hopefully help me get better at English, and I hope my readers (if I will ever have any 😉 ) and I will be able to notice my English improving over the months.

Time will have to tell and I look forward to sharing a big part of my life with you over the coming months, years and may be even decennia. Who knows?

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