Review – Tre­a­cle­moon Warm Apple Pie Hugs

Warm Apple Pie Hugs, that is all you should want in life right? Well, please do not try this at home, meaning actually hugging an apple pie. You either have sticky apple and raisins EVERYWHERE or you will end up like that guy in American Pie and either way that is not a good look.

Tre­a­cle­moon Warm Apple Pie Hugs are actually hugs you get clean from, cause it’s shower gel, yay! The one I have is very spring green, which is not a color I would have given it, as apple pie is usually darker, or brown, sometimes even reddish. Usually the green apples are a bit to tough, and that is also my critique on the smell of the Warm Apple Pie Hugs showergel: it is simply not cinamonny enough, it is mostly just apple everywhere.

I like the smell of apple, I love DKNY’s apple scents, but this shower gel is just a tad too much unfortunately. It is only apple, and not apple pie! 😦 So I used it mostly for my bath, as it does give a nice thick foam and I found it more appropriate as a smell for the bath water than to put directly onto my body.

Tre­a­cle­moon is a nice brand though, they have good packaging, cute names for their products and the scent is at least very present, if that is an English expression. Hopefully in the future they will come up with more interesting scents, that are a bit more pie and a bit less apple maybe? 😉


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